Comprehensive Training CD Reveals...

10 proven basic principles you must learn, understand, and implement so you can become effective in your prospecting efforts!

Most people hate prospecting and procrastinate when it comes time to prospect. If you make prospecting a task you don't want to do, procrastination will take over in your mind and you will find yourself frustrated because your business will not be growing. But face the fact that no one will prospect and build your business for you! Therefore, you must take a proactive approach to building your business and your proactive approach begins with prospecting. When you understand the basics of prospecting, you will find prospecting will become much easier for you.

In this training audio, you will learn about 10 basic prospecting principles. These principles are market-tested and proven to work for you and will help you take a proactive approach to building. However, just knowing these 10 basic prospecting principles will not help you become a success, you must also understand these principles and apply these principles in your prospecting efforts.

Just look what you will learn in this powerful nuts 'n bolts training CD:

  • The secret to developing an effective prospecting plan of action.
  • Understand how prospecting and selling are different (knowing the difference will help you work smarter).
  • Understand what primary areas you must qualify your prospect on (so you are not wasting time with the wrong prospects).
  • The real reason people will buy from you (this is critical information you NEED to know).
  • Learn the critical key to getting consistent results.
  • The proven secret to getting prospects to know who you are and what you do (even when they won't pick up the phone).
  • Plus, you will get additional tips and proven techniques to ensure positive results in applying the 10 basic principles of prospecting.

If you're serious about getting effective results from your prospecting efforts, you will get this breakthrough comprehensive training CD right now and implement what you learn immediately.