Direct Selling Academy, Inc.A Real Direct Selling Pro Shares Proven Inside Secrets To Recruiting New Distributors And Acquiring New Customers... Our FREE Direct Sales Training CD Will Reveal How to Guarantee Success in Your Direct Sales Business, So You Make More Money Working From Home... And this Works in Any Direct Selling, Network Marketing, or MLM Business (Even Your Business)!

Warning: If you do not read the following critical information and take action by requesting our FREE CD, you have a 90% chance of never improving your performance in your business! Pay close attention... as it IS that important to your business!

What I discovered (and am about to share with you) led me to recruit an average of 10+ people a month personally for 73 consecutives months (over 800+ people total)!

I am no different than you, except I figured out how to truly succeed... working part-time and I did it with a small budget. You see, in January 1999, I was near bankruptcy, working as a stay-at-home Dad, and struggling... Not only was I working hard at my business, but I had NO positive results and a stockpile of bills (Over $100k+)... But I made an amazing secret discovery that January and what I discovered helped me get out of debt (without filing bankruptcy)... And I became a virtual overnight success in the Direct Selling Industry (building a network marketing business with a six-figure residual income).

No longer do YOU have to struggle and be frustrated with your pitiful business results because you can easily learn my proven market tested secrets (the exact strategies and techniques that helped me recruit those 800+ people). This will work for you regardless of what business you are building... Even if you're broke, an introvert, fear rejection, have procrastinating tendencies, hate the stereotypical sales profession, never sold or recruited anyone, or just want better results in your direct sales business.

Through my company, Direct Selling Academy, Inc., we can help you improve your performance! Not only will we help you get better results in your business, but we can help you accelerate your success... just use our proven-to-work market-tested strategies, techniques, and tips consistently... and you will see your performance improve... Since you may not know us and you might be skeptical, we will give you a FREE Training CD... this will let you sample our resources and it will help you learn first hand that the academy is a resource you don't want to be without... you can even choose from 3 great CD topics! How can you say no to that?

  Let me ask you a few questions... and really think about these questions. Are you tired of spending countless hours spinning your wheels? Do you wish you earned a whole lot more than it is costing you to operate your business? Do you want greater results in return for all the time, money, and effort you invest in your business? Are you frustrated because everyone else is succeeding except you?

If you want better results from your business building efforts... Then, read the following very carefully and take action right away! It is a real no-brainer - you need to improve your performance and we have the solution... You not only can get a FREE performance improvement training CD, but you even get to choose the topic!

Now, Let's Face Some Facts:

  • Most marketers are clueless on how to get results, let alone to know how to accelerate their success (something that is critical to the survival and profitability of their business). This is so critical that unless you can improve your performance, there is no chance for long-term business success. With no chance for long-term business success, you will have no chance of enjoying the benefits of exponential residual income.

  • The bad news is most marketers do not know the secret to accelerate and guarantee them success. The reality is most marketers do not know the basic fundamentals for improving performance and are often trapped in busy work rather than doing the things that produce positive results, and therefore, can't effectively know how to improve their performance to guarantee accelerate success. The result? A vicious cycle of frustration and little or no growth or profit!

  • The good news is the Direct Selling Academy, Inc. provides you with comprehensive training that will reveal to you specific how-to nuts 'n bolts, helping you instantly begin improving your performance and accelerating your success... meaning you make more money in your business faster!


Dear Frustrated Marketer,

You are not alone with your struggles and frustrations in your direct selling business (aka network marketing, mlm, etc.). Did you know most marketers face the same challenges as you and are also failing miserably in their own business?

It is proven that most people say they have the desire to build their business, yet most people never reach their goals or even come close to reaching their full potential. Many times when they miss reaching their goal they will hear people say, “you need a bigger dream” or "you need a bigger reason why" or "you have to want it and desire what you want." While having a big reason why and the desire to achieve what you want is important, it is not enough to create what you want.

The fact is most upline leaders do not know what to teach to improve your performance and often those who do know these secrets fail to share it with their team for fear their team will use it to their own advantage. Unfortunately, those selfish so-called leaders are not just hurting their downline but also their own ability to grow exponentially... which hurts this entire industry. But you need need to know how to improve your performance and apply these breakthrough secrets within your own business.

In order to create what you want and achieve your full potential, you MUST put in place some very basic foundational blocks in your business. You must also work smart, applying specific strategies and techniques that not only provide you with improved performance results, but also help you accelerate your success. This is why I established the Direct Selling Academy, Inc.

I believe that when you apply what you learn through our training and performance improvement resources, you will end the struggles and frustrations in your business. In fact, you will find building your business will be a whole lot easier. Not only will you  experience a dramatic improvement in your overall performance, but you will accelerate your success, increasing the growth and profits of your business.

Now I know you may be thinking in your own mind, “can these resources really help me achieve the results I desire?" The answer is YES! And if you are serious about truly achieving personal independence and reaching your full potential in your business, you will want to listen very closely to what we teach you, where you will learn the proven to work nuts 'n bolts to help you gain control of your business and achieve greater success as a result.

You see, the Direct Selling Academy, Inc. is a training and performance improvement resource for the Direct Selling Industry. This is a safe place for you and your team to learn from and you never have to worry about any ulterior motive to steal your team or side track you or your team. We are not a network marketing company or an MLM, nor do we provide an opportunity that can take the focus off of your efforts of building your business. The fact is we are an educational institution (your business school) for learning and becoming a professional in the Direct Selling Industry... and our focus is to help you accelerate your success in your business!

Our Training and Performance Improvement Resources Work for Even the Best Direct Sales Companies... No Matter Which Company You Represent (whether one listed below or not), we specialize in helping you improve your performance in your direct selling business.

ACN, Advantage Marketing Systems, Advocare, Agel, Amazon Herb Company, American Longevity, Ameriplan, Amway, Arbonne, Art House Greetings, Assured Nutrition Plus, At Home America, Avon, BeautiControl, Body Extreme, Body Shop at Home, Bright Minds, Cajun Country Candies, Cell Tech, Close to My Heart, Cookie Lee Jewelry, Country Bunny Bath and Body, Creative Memories, Discovery Toys, Ecoquest, Enchanted Potions, Financial Freedom Society, Forever Green, Fuller Brush Company, Herbalife, Home and Garden Party, Home Interiors, Initials, Isagenix, ITV, Jafra, Kosy Kitchen Gourmet, Lia Sophia, Liberty League, Longaberger, Market America, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Memory Works, Northern Lights at Home, Pampered Chef, PartyLite, Passion Parties, PetLane, Picture Perfect Scrapbook, Pre Paid Legal, Primerica, Reliv International, Renegade Networker, ScentSations, Send Out Cards, Shaklee, Southern Living at Home, Stayin Home & Lovin It, Suzanne (Zanco), Tastefully Simple, Taste of Home Entertaining, USANA, Usborne Books, Vision for Life, Viva Marketing, Watkins, Weekenders, Wellness International, World Financial Group, Xango, Youngevity, Young Living Essential Oils, Your Travel Biz, Zrii, 4Life... just to name a few!

One very important lesson I learned years ago was the fact we all face challenges, failure, and defeat in our lives and in our business. But it is what we learn from these situations and how we apply what we learn that will make a major difference in the results that we get. And what you learn from the training and performance resources at our academy will have a huge impact in not only how you look at your business but also in your bottom line results of your growth and profits.

How do I know this? I know this because I have done it myself and have a proven track record of success in the Direct Selling Industry. I have seen many others learn from me in one-on-one coaching and achieve similar results. I am confident this will work for you too!

It is now your time to move beyond the land of unpredictability and into the realm of guaranteed growth and profits. You do not want to be without the resources of the Direct Selling Academy, Inc. Now, I know you may be skeptical, and it is for this reason that I am giving you one of our comprehensive training CDs. Not only do you get the CD for FREE, but you even get to choose the topic!

If you're serious about improving your performance and accelerating your success, you will get one of our breakthrough comprehensive training CDs right now and implement what you learn immediately.

Virtually No-Risk, Your Satisfaction IS Guaranteed!

While the CD from this offer is free, know that all our CDs in our online store are backed by our 365-Day Total-Satisfaction, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. What does this mean to you? This means that you can buy in confidence and that any CD you buy from us gives you the ability to get your money back if you are not 100% satisfied. In fact, you can go through the complete training and even apply what you learn within your own business... putting what you learn to the test for the next year. After all that, if you feel you did not receive more value (including the education, tips, strategies, techniques, and overall experience) than you paid for the training CD, we will refund your money. Simply return to us the complete CD (including the jewel case) anytime within 365 days of your purchase of the training CD and you will receive a complete no-hassle refund.


Why is the CD FREE?

I'm giving you a FREE CD for 3 reasons:

  1. You NEED to improve your performance.

  2. I know what we teach at the academy works and it will work for you.

  3. There is a chance you may not know who the Direct Selling Academy, Inc. is or even who I am personally, even though I have a lot of in-the-field experience. Rather than do a long winded 25-page sales letter to try and convince you, like most people do, I am dramatically reducing the risk for you so you can get a taste of the valuable and effective nuts 'n bolts training we provide... without much financial risk (and I am even saving you time). I know once you learn and apply what I teach you in the training CD you choose, you will be back for more training and performance improvement resources for your business.

I am confident you will enjoy the training and love the results when you apply what you learn. So if you're serious about improving your performance and accelerating your success, complete the form below. We will then mail to you (via the USPS) the CD of your choice. The CD is FREE! So what do you have to lose?

A $19.95 Value for FREE!

Get One of These Three Performance Improvement Training CDs For FREE, Just Complete the Form Below!
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Upon receipt of your request (just complete the form below), we will package and ship to you a copy of the CD of your choice. This means that in a few short days, you will be fully armed and ready to implement the proven strategies and techniques to not only improve your performance, but kick-start and and accelerate your success... in your business! Plus, you will know without a doubt, the Direct Selling Academy, Inc. is a resource you don't want to be without. It is that simple and that easy!

Profitable regards,

Jeff Zalewski

P.S. By getting one of our FREE CDs right now, I'll be teaching you how to truly improve your performance... these are proven breakthrough secrets you need to know. Now, do I know what I am doing and how to really improve results? YES! I set a record - 73 consecutive months  personally sponsoring (sales/recruiting) an average of 10+ a month (over 800+ people total). Whether you are selling products or recruiting new distributors, what I teach you will work in any business... even yours! How can you pass on that?


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