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If YOU Want an Edge...

Your Team Needs to Be Professionally Certified!

  • Increase Your Cash Flow, Growth, and Profits

  • Sell More, Recruit More... Make More Money Faster

  • Build a Bigger and More Productive Downline Team

  • Develop Skills, Enhance Competency, and Improve Credibility

Through Professional Certification, Your People Will Work Smarter, Using Simple Universal Fundamental Strategies and Techniques that Guarantee Success... Giving You and Your Team a Real Competitive Edge!

Your success and your organization's success is directly related to the skills and abilities of your people. These skills and abilities are not only important for acquiring new customers and distributors, but equally important, for improving and maintaining strong retention levels.

A major challenge you face as a leader is the fact that many of your people come into your organization with underdeveloped skills and/or are misinformed or non-informed about how to truly achieve success in this industry. This often creates extra challenges for you, not only in quickly teaching your people the universal fundamentals, but also in ensuring these people approach the market in an ethical manner,  maintaining a high professional standard in all that they do. Keep in mind, everything your people do has a direct reflection on you, your company, and this industry!

While it does not require special skills to get started in a direct selling business, statistics prove the people who succeed in this industry have a greater competence and have developed a strong credibility among their organization. This was not by accident. They have invested in to developing their own skills over time and believe training and skill development is extremely important. Don't believe us? Then why does every organization provide training and support? Why are you often focused on helping your team through continual learning about the industry and your business through articles, reports, CDs, seminars, back office resources, etc.?

Such training and support is provided because the facts prove that when you enhance your competency (developing your knowledge of the industry, your company, its products and services, and how to build a business by design rather than chance) and apply what you learn consistently through action that puts you in front of your prospects, you will sell more, recruit more, and as a result, make more money faster. Plus, in achieving better results, you will improve your credibility and attract more people to want to do business with you.

The Direct Selling Industry (aka network marketing, MLM, etc.)  does not require any kind of licensing to operate as an independent contractor of a direct selling company. Professional certification is NOT mandatory, nor is it required for success in this industry. However, professional certification is crucial to the industry as a profession in order to help preserve and protect the promise of residual income.

By implementing the proven universal fundamentals taught in our certification courses you can virtually guarantee success. You and your team will learn the secret strategies and techniques that are used by the "heavy hitter" leaders in the industry... These are not magical formulas or fly-by-night approaches, rather these are market-tested proven-to-work universal fundamentals that guarantee success. By getting professionally certified, you will position yourself and each member of your team for greater exponential growth and profits. You can even short-cut the learning curve and accelerate success in your business... meaning you make more money faster and build a bigger downline team that is more productive, happier, and duplicating.

Our mission here at the academy is to improve performance and accelerate success in this industry though the application of universal fundamentals. In achievement of this mission, we will continually strive to support self-regulation and compliance to high ethical standards within the Direct Selling Industry. We believe this mission will help preserve and protect this industry, including the ability to earn income through a multi-level compensation plan. We also believe every leader (including you) should support this initiative through professional certification of you and your team. In fact, our vision is for every company, industry association, and leader will encourage and highly recommend that the people in their organization recommend getting certified.

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