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Comprehensive Sales Skills Assessment
Comprehensive Sales Skills Assessment

Predict sales and recruiting success with this performance improvement power tool!

What would happen in your business if you had the power to predict sales and recruiting success? Now you can have that power with the Direct Selling Academy's Comprehensive Sales Skills Assessment. This Sales Skills Assessment measures selling skills, not personality, which is critical for sales and recruiting success.

Statistics prove it is easy to modify personality traits, but it is difficult to change personalities. Further studies show selling skills are trainable; however, it is important to know what level of skills you already have and what areas you need to learn to become more skilled at.

What differentiates this powerful tool from other sales tests and assessments is we use a sales aptitude test at the core of the overall assessment. The sales aptitude test examines 13 critical sales skill areas, comparing the measured results with a baseline of over 300,000 sales people. This helps you know specifically what your skill strengths and weaknesses are. This information is then reviewed and further assessed through a one-on-one consultation with a Certified Performance Improvement Consultant, where you will learn how to use this assessment to not only improve your sales to peak performance.

Through this Comprehensive Sales Skills Assessment, you will not only know what your strengths and weaknesses are in each critical skill area, but you will also know your strengths and weaknesses in your overall ability to close a sale and even what selling style is best fit for you.

Our Comprehensive Sales Skills Assessment consists of:

  • A Sales Skills Aptitude Test (this is critical to help understand your strengths and weaknesses).
  • A Comprehensive Consultation to discuss the test results, your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your next steps of action to improve your overall performance. (You will discover specifically what has been holding you back from reaching your goals, plus how to ensure improved performance in the future).
  • A written overview report (based on the test results and your consultation).

The fact is there is a subtle difference between being an average income earner and top income earner. By improving your skills in selected areas you will not only improve your performance but you can increase your overall income earning potential. Take the guess work out of improving your performance by investing in a Comprehensive Sales Skills Assessment right now!

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Price: $249.00

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

Your investment in our Comprehensive Sales Skills Assessment is backed by our 100-Day Total Satisfaction Guarantee. Our objective through providing this assessment to you is to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in your overall sales skills, so you can improve performance and accelerate your success in your business. While we have no control over the actions you take or do not take in the achievement of your goals and objectives, nor can we guarantee how much money you will earn as a result of our advice and guidance, we will guarantee you will receive quality professional assessment services that will help you improve performance and accelerate your success. What our guarantee means to you is you can invest into our Comprehensive Sales Skills Assessment risk free because your satisfaction of the service we provide is guaranteed. The bottom line is you must be 100% satisfied with the services we provide to you. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will provide a retake of the assessment at no additional charge to you, or we will give you your money back.

The way our guarantee works is, if at any point during the first 100 days from the date of your purchase of the Comprehensive Sales Skills Assessment you feel you are not 100% satisfied with the services we provide to you, we will provide a retake of the assessment at no additional charge to you or a complete no-hassle refund of your money. You can participate in the hands-on interactive consultation and even pick your assigned consultant's brain about your challenges in building your direct selling business. In fact, you can even take what you learn from your consultation session(s) and the assessment, apply it in the field, putting everything you learn to the test. After all that, if you feel you did not receive more value (including the education, tips, strategies, techniques, and overall experience) than you paid for our Comprehensive Sales Skills Assessment, we will provide a retake of the assessment at no additional charge to you or we will give you your money back. The choice is yours. Simply let us know of your dissatisfaction anytime within 100 days of purchasing this assessment from our company and you will receive a complete no-hassle honoring of this guarantee.

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