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Critical Skills Pack (4 CDs)
Critical Skills Pack (4 CDs)

Comprehensive training CD collection reveals breakthrough work smart communication techniques to connect with your prospects so more of them do business with you

Statistics prove that prospects will make a decision to do business with you for their own reasons and not yours. Most marketers make big mistakes when prospecting and selling, where they end up getting trapped wasting time, money, and effort. Plus, the mistakes these same marketers make cause them to frustrate themselves as well as their prospects.

In this Critical Skills Pack, we bring you the core fundamental techniques to help you connect with your prospects, not only in the initial approach, but equally important throughout the process including where you must overcome objections and close the sale. These techniques have a universal application and will work for you, regardless of whether you are retailing product or recruiting new distributors.

This Critical Skills Pack includes the comprehensive training CDs:

  • How to Establish Instant Rapport
  • How to Overcome Objections Naturally
  • How to Get More Prospects Saying YES
  • Basic Prospecting Principles

Just look what you will learn in this powerful nuts 'n bolts training CD collection: 

  • The secret to developing an effective prospecting plan of action. 
  • Understand how prospecting and selling are different (knowing the difference will help work smarter). 
  • Understand what primary areas you must qualify your prospect on (so you are not wasting time with the wrong prospects). 
  • The real reason people will buy from you (this is critical information you NEED to know). 
  • Learn the critical key to getting consistent results. 
  • The proven secret to getting prospects to know who you are and what you do (even when they won't pick up the phone). 
  • 3 simple and proven rapport building techniques. 
  • The true meaning of rapport and how it works (this is critical information you NEED). 
  • Understand your prospect's state of mind (so you can connect quickly). 
  • The real reason people struggle with establishing rapport (and how to prevent this most common pitfall). 
  • How to create a positive perception in the mind of your prospect. 
  • The proven secret to get your prospect to open up and tell you what they want. 
  • The secret to overcoming objections effectively.
  • How to overcome objections so the communication flows naturally (this is critical information you NEED). 
  • The real reason people have trouble overcoming objections (and how to prevent such failure in your own efforts). 
  • How to identify the issue behind the objection (miss doing this and you are doomed to struggle in overcoming objections). 
  • Understand what objections really are and how to overcome the most common objections you hear from prospects. 
  • The proven secret to getting your prospect to open up and tell you what is really on their mind. 
  • The secret to closing your prospect so they say YES. 
  • How to get a YES decision that lasts (this is critical information you NEED). 
  • The real reason people don't close effectively (and how to prevent such failure). 
  • The critical techniques you need to apply at the beginning of the sales process and throughout the sales process to ensure a smooth transition to your close (do this and you can virtually double your closing ratio overnight). 
  • The proven secret to being an effectively aggressive closer without appearing pushy. 
  • The secret to how and when to close so you work smarter rather than harder. 
  • Plus, you will get additional tips and proven techniques to ensure positive results in applying the 10 basic principles of prospecting, so you improve your performance and produce positive results.

If you are serious about connecting with your prospects and getting more prospects to do business with you, you need to order this Critical Skills Pack right now!

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365-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee:

Your investment in this training CD collection package is backed by our 365-Day Total-Satisfaction, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. What does this mean to you? This means you can get your money back if you are not 100% satisfied. In fact, you can go through the complete training CD collection and even apply what you learn within your own business... putting what you learn to the test for the next year. After all that, if you feel you did not receive more value (including the education, tips, strategies, techniques, and overall experience) than you paid for this training CD collection package, we will refund your money. Simply return to us the complete CD collection materials (including the CDs and package) anytime within 365 days of your purchase of this training CD collection package and you will receive a complete no-hassle refund.
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